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there's some for everyone! - 93%

ironasinmaiden, January 8th, 2003

Blind Guardian's original name was Lucifer's Hammer. Gawd, how inappropriate is that? Well, thank god these krauts changed their mind, cos their brand of metal is more or less a metal trademark. TFTTW is my favorite BG album, possibly because it was my first. The songwriting differs very little from their two subsequent releases, which is nothing bad in itself.... Welcome to Dying, Traveller in Time... speed metal anthems. I'd suggest a prospective BG fan totally get on this before anything else, because Tales, well, in laymans terms: KICKS ASS.

Hansi had yet to really master English... this provides for some badass lisp on Welcome to Dying. His voice has a lot a bite and is persistently in key. There are not as many choirs as there would eventually be, and the sound is in short, stripped down. This speaking from the perspective of a guy who is well aware of their recent career choices, mind you.

Andre Olbrich destroys the fretboard on tales, letting loose on some seriously searing and inspired solos... WTD, come on man, that one lick right before the end is so damn good. Blind Guardian's music is very technical but they mask that with great hooks. Check out Goodbye My Friend, a totally underrated gem of a song, and Lost in the Twilight world (which features pitiful vocals from Helloween frontman Kai Hansen) for some riffy goodness.

Lord of the Rings is everybody's favorite and a well done ballad. These guys are full on geeks, and alot of their fanbase are dungeonmasters... but unlike your average rhapsody they have enough balls to attract the metal guys as well. This is why BG are so damn good... they could make you thrash around wildly and sing on high in the same instant. This one's at least top 20 for the 90s and a grand record.