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Trying to make their mind up - 70%

Warmaster, October 11th, 2003

This album is where BG try to find a new path in the metal genre. as an experemental album, we should expect some great, some good, and some bad, and thats what we get.

This album could have been the best four song Ep ever made. Instead we have nine songs. of differing quality. as such, BG has a few really bad experiences on this one, but some really good ones as well. i did struggle to like it at first, and stayed with "follow the blind" but have always realised that two of my all time favorite songs are on this album.

We start with the amazing "traveller in time" aside from the slowish intro, this song flattens everything near it. honestly, this song is amazing. all of six minutes long, it has an amazing chorus, great riffs, great drumming, this song sticks right in my memory, its a travesty that they no longer play it live.

Then we come to the most over rated Blind guardian song of all time. "welcome to dying" the lyrics, are to be blunt, are crap. The music itself is good, if not brilliant, but the lyrics ruin it. only the last fifty secons do i enjoy, with the "i spread my wings and fly away" bit, but listening through a whole song to get to that is not something i do alot. this song has never intrested me, there are better songs here to intrest me.

"weird dreams" is next. pass. There is no point in that instrumental at all. then we come to "lord of the rings" a brilliant ballad, i admit it, but i don't listen to ballads a lot. also, there is no point doing a song about the whole book, they do songs about bits of the books all of the time. Still, its good.

Then we come to "goodbye my friend" brilliant song, i love the lyrics here, Hansi is really pulling off those screams now, and i even found the scream by kai hidden in there. Great song.

Then we come to the best song on the album "lost in a twilight hall" as i said for my follow the blind review, i love dual metal vocals, its something i wish more bands did regulary. And it is this song, only about twenty five seconds of it, but it is this song which sums up what is great about dual vocals. I am of course talking about the Hansi/kai vocal dual. that is the best thing that either singer has ever done, full stop. it is disapointing that they only did it once in the song, where as they could, and should have done it at least twice. still this song is amazing, not just becuase of that, also because of hansi's main vocals, the chorus itself is brilliant, the solo's are really good, the drums... its all there. as it stands, they've only done two songs which match up to this, "Curse..." and "somewhere..." but this song carries this album from the average, to the good.

However, the album slips once more then. "Tommyknockers" is very average, the lyrics sound very poor indeed, very atypical blind guaridan, and then "Altair 4" which is more of the same, just even less good.

However the album proper ends with another decent track "the last candle" which seems to be a sequel to "guardian of the blind" still, its a brilliant song, really picking up the pace, and the intensity of the good stuff. plus we have the foregettable version of "run to the night"

Thus we have several absolutely brilliant songs "Traveller in time, Goodbye my friend" "lost in twilight hall" and "the last candle" with everything else being rather average or poor. but those four songs alone would give a 98% ranked Ep, just think about that while you are lost behind the mirror....