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Anti-Pussy power metal - 86%

PazuzuZlave, October 20th, 2005

I heard of this band a long time ago, but for some reason I passed their offerings up pretty quickly. About six months ago, I picked them up again and I’m glad I did. In these six months, I’ve bought three of their albums whilst downloading the rest. This has been my favourite all along. So, what have I learned in half a year? Blind Guardian is a marvellous band. Simply put, all their albums have something to offer, and while this may not be their most thought-through or majestic it’s definitely their catchiest.

Throughout the bands third full-length we are treated with several classic songs. Some of them might have influences from earlier makings, and some are all-new material, but the point is that it doesn’t get boring. It has an overall good flow to it, but one can’t help but to point out a few stand-outs. We have the neat instrumental “Weird Dreams”. Twin guitar-riffs which lead the entire one-minute song. This was good in theory and excellent in performing. “Goodbye My Friend” features a very good vocal performance by Hansi accompanied by excellent riffs, “Lord of the Rings” is THE definite ballad & “Welcome to Dying” was to be a live-favourite. Then we have “Lost in the Twilight Hall”, which features a rather (good) punkish riff at first, then combining cheesy power with majesty (no pun intended).

Quite often, the songs are structured in the powerful way. I’m talking about the low-profile verses and the exploding chorus. On most of the songs, they’ve executed this style with perfection. All the before-mentioned songs can be placed in that category.
This album was released back in 1991, and sounds like it too. This could really call for a re-mastering, because the sound level is way too low, and once they use acoustic guitars, you can’t almost hear them. On the other hand, amidst the weak sound, I can’t help but to oversee the production and keep on enjoying the masterful song material.

Power metal has never sounded this harsh and non-mellow. “Lord of the Rings” is the slowest here, and that rules beyond definition too. Blind Guardian has proven themselves to be a stellar band, and with 20 years on their belt, they continue offering their fans the music they love to hear. Buy or die!