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The Start of An Unmatched Run. - 90%

Light13, September 19th, 2011

Blind Guardian are apart of the power metal elite, no doubt about it. They where doing classic power metal albums whilst Sonata Arctica where getting their noses rubbed and bottle fed of their mother. The album in question "Tales From The Twilight World" started one of the most godly runs in metal history. This and the three releases after this are all top quality power metal.

This is where Blind Guardian defined their sound. Found their own style and created an amazing power metal album. Blind Guardian had started off well releasing two pretty cool speed/thrash/power albums. But this is just something else compared to them. The album was the first to have that Blind Guardian feel we all love. A lot of multi layering with guitar and vocal tracks. Hansi Kürsch lays down a performance of the gods. Showcasing a lot of power and range when it comes to his choir sections.

The album is mostly filled with power metal double kicking songs, that are quiet fast. The songs are very uplifting and beyond infectious. The vocal melodies will stick in your head after a couple of listens and you will want to revisit this masterpiece more and more. It's very addictive mostly due to it's consistency, no song is a let down and the album is well arranged.

Clocking in at just over forty minutes means the album is perfect for an immediate re listen. The album is easy to digest which is a good thing. Something I find to be the problem with some power metal albums. When they are over an hour long and some songs have a very filler vibe. This is not the case with this record.

The guitar work is a highlight, you can only get what is on display here by listening to Blind Guardian. Calling
André Olbrich and Marcus Siepen guitar masters would be an understatement. Dual guitar attacks that are so unique, displayed in such songs like the epic title track and "Welcome to Dying". The previously mentioned title track has an epic feel in the mid section with a nice use of clean guitars with distortion that gives Hansi a perfect back drop to lay down a powerful vocal performance.

If you are looking to get into power metal this would be a good starting point. It is beyond essential as it is also very innovative. No song is a let down and it is hard to pick highlights. But it would have to be "Welcome To Dying", the title track with its epic arrangement and one of the biggest sounding power metal chorus's in the genre . "The Last Candle" with one of the best guitar harmonies on the album. Displayed at the begging of the song. Don't have this album or listen to this band? Rectify that now.