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Right Up There With SwFB - 97%

Head_Shot, January 25th, 2008

Comparing the mighty Blind Guardian to there first two albums, (Battalions of Fear, and Follow the Blind), TftTW show's the more noticeable power metal traits starting to unfold in the still young band. TftTW along with SwFB is there mid-phase, where they begin to dive into power metal while keeping there speed metal style, the difference between the two is that TftTW is more speed orientated but one thing remains a constant, Hansi's incredible vocal's and the amazing guitar duo-ship of Marcus and Andre', Thomas get's credit but I noticed he hit's a pattern wrong now and then which is why the score it lower.

There are 10 track's in total, all clocking in about 45 minute's but is it a good 45 minutes. The album is long for speed metal standards but too short for power metal standards and when it's over you will want MORE! Each song has a hook that instantly draw's you in, and the chorus' are so damn anthemic that as soon as you learn the words you will be singing along to them to. The standout tracks are "Traveler In Time" a fantastic opening song that sets the album, "Lord of The Rings" a ballad featuring two great guitar solo's from Marcus, ''Goodbye My Friend", "Lost In The Twilight Hall" is the best song on the album it features Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray) on vocal's but for only 25 seconds and some kick ass lead work courtesy of Andre'. "Tommyknockers" is based of the Stephen King novel of the same name and at first its a really great track (the beginning will bring King Diamond to mind also) but after several listens its one of those tracks that’s good but flawed, "Altair 4" is also based on the Stephen King novel and is more of a filler.

Finally the grand finale' "The Last Candle" the second best song on the album amazing vocals with great guitar and bass and some powerful drumming by Thomas makes this a great song, the second guitar solo is performed by Kai Hansen but live it is done by Marcus. There is also a live version of "Run For The Night" which is from there first album, and I find far better to the original. All in all minus several small flaws this is an AMAZING album and should be held as high as SwFB, speed, power, and some kick ass chorus's make this a must have GET IT NOW!!!