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Something of a classic - 69%

HawkMoon, August 12th, 2002

A german band I actually like. Tales.. is their third effort, and the earliest one I got since I think the first two ones are rather boring. They're more thrash-oriented, and it's not that I don't like that - they're simply dull, not many songs that stand out and variation is non-existent. (not that that matters either when we're talking oldschool thrash, but I simply don't like them OK??)

Well anyhow this one I consider as the first one where they started progressing into the wonderful act they are today. Here they play a more power metal-influenced style although the speed from the previous albums is still there. I just don't classify this as thrash - sure it's fast but hell not very aggressive. So what's this about? Well we got some speedy twin-guitar metal with choirs in most of the choruses, and a slightly lighter feeling than on the first two albums (it's not THAT much of a difference, but..).

Anyway, the songwriting has gotten better that's for sure. Songs as "Traveler in time" and "Lost in the twilight hall" are just some faves. Andre and Marcus does some nice solos here and there, and Hansi has a really unique voice, no one else in this genre sings like him - sometimes his voice is raw and "unpolished" but it sounds just as good as when he keeps it clean. He has a kind of funny accent though..

Some flaws: They need to progress more. This is just a small step, besides this album has a major lack of variation and originality. It's kinda "yeah we've heard this before", Helloween anyone? Second, they HAVE done better production than this. To sum this up it's a nice album worth having if you have some spare cash, but if you're just after the really good stuff, stick to the later ones.