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If you find it, get it! - 79%

UltraBoris, August 14th, 2002

This is quite an amazing live album. It was recorded by the band, who made a few tape copies of it, but not all that many, so most copies that you're ever going to find are third or fourth generation, so the sound may be a bit flaky. (Good luck trying to find an original copy!)

Pretty much everything worth hearing from the first two albums is here, except maybe "The Martyr". The rest is here... "Banish from Sanctuary", "Run for the Night", "Valhalla", "Damned for all Time." Oh and "Barbara Ann"... I still can't figure out why they insist on playing that song live since the rest is blazing speed metal.

Oh yes, and of course "Majesty", quite possibly the best song they've ever done. And also "Brian" from one of their early demos, and a cover of Iron Maiden's "Prowler". Some of this stuff can't be found anywhere else live, so if you can settle for a bootleg copy, by all means do so.

The performance is a bit raw, but not at all bad. There are a few foul-ups here and there, and it's not quite as tight as "Tokyo Tales", but seeing as their first concert was in 1986 or so, this is still quite impressive. Pretty essential.