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Live - The Truth - 99%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 7th, 2003

Fuck yes! This album kicks ass in all perspectives. Like I always say, live albums make or break bands. When metal heads listen to live albums they get a taste of the band live. If it sounds like crap, then they might not see the band, thinking that they sound like crap live. But if the album kicks ass, they will definetly go see the band! This album will definetly make you go see Blind Guardian.

I got to see Blind Guardian during this tour, and this album sounds a lot like when I saw them in concert! Which also stresses my theory above. This album has two discs of amazing Blind Guardian songs, ranging from Batallions of Fear to the new album A Night at The Opera. So not only do you get a taste of Blind Guardian live, you also get a great compilation of Blind Guardian tunes! This album starts off just how the concert I saw started off. War of Wrath, is the intro to the album Nightfall in Middle Earth. With the clashing of swords and the jumping into Into the Storm - it totally blows the listener away. Another way it sounded like the concert is when they play Valhalla, they get the audience into the song by singing the chorus over and over! The first disc comprises of 11 brilliant Blind Guardian songs. The second disc comprises of the 11 more great Blind Guardian songs, thus making it a great compilation album!

The recording of the songs are from various different concerts. Including some from the USA and Germany, also other countries. It was neat, because if you went to the Blind Guardian web site you could pick what songs you wanted to hear on the "live album". As for the production; it's fucking amazing! This one blows Tokyo Tales out of the water! Guitars, vocals, drums, even the audience are all on this album. They're all balanced, which is essential to a great live album. No instrument over powers another one. No feedback, no nasty sounds, just all out Blind Guardian greatness.

I recommend this to everyone. Great selection of Blind Guardian songs, awsome production! I especially recommend this to Blind Guardian fans, and other people who want a compilation of Blind Guardian, and don't want to buy all of Blind Guardian's albums. Nonetheless essential to Blind Guardian fans!