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This is the Blind Guardian we all know and love... - 99%

therealbjorn, March 2nd, 2006

Finally, at long last, its here. New candy for my ears. The latest single by the mighty Blind Guardian. I'm going to just jump into it...

1.) Fly
This is definitly the direction I would think Guardian would go to. A slight return to their older style circa the Imaginations era, while still maintaining the song structure and vibe of A Night at the Opera. Personally, I am glad that they stopped "over saturating" the vocals. It definitly allows his true voice to come through better without heres a million choruses and whatnot.

Good guitar riffage going on. Definitly some things I have never heard before from ANY band, so good job Andre and Marcus. Drum wise, I often forgot it wasn't Thomen. The new guy definitly does a good job keeping up the power and feel that should be expected in a BG release.

Listener Beware: 1:10-1:30 will get INGRAINED into your mind. ("No one ever dares to speak...") I haven't been able to stop humming that lyrical line.

All in all a great new Blind Guardian tune and hopefully a small sample of what their upcomming full album will offer.

2.) Skalds and Shadows (Acoustic)
First off, I am a huge fan of this sort of melodic folk stuff, (sort of in the realm of Ensiferum) so this stuff is like liquid crack pumped directly into my veins. Classic acoustic Guardian here folks: flutes, tambourine, the whole medieval array of tones and textures. Sort of makes you wish you lived back in the Dark Ages, although it's been fairly romanticized... Anyway, this should give all the other acoustic BG favorites (Bard's Song, A Past and Future Secret, Lord of the Rings, etc.) a run for their money. Good production, good lyrics. Personally I think Hansi could have choosen some better words here and there, but hey, who am I disagree...

3.) In a Gadda Da Vida (Iron Butterfly Cover)
When I first heard that they were covering this song I was pumped. I was significantly more pumped when I listened to it. They did an excellent job preserving the feel of the original version while adding their own twist to the classic. Some people I know have given me crap about how the vocals sound, but I feel Hansi did a great job recreating the original vibe.