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Fly away with Blind Guardian - 99%

simonitro, February 26th, 2006

Finally, their new CD single is within my clutches. This is the first review on this site and I'm telling you that any Blind Guardian fan will worship every second of this new CD single.

After Thomen Stauch left the band, some of you might be asking whether they're still good or went to the crap side of metal. Fear not Blind Guardian fans, they are back with more focus like old good days.

About the musicians, Hansi, as usual, has a very uniques style of vocals but on this one, it's quite different in a way, but it is still very powerful and enjoyable. Andre is one crazy lead guitarist which makes great performance on the 3 songs especially the melodic solo section on Fly. Marcus displays some powerful rhythms that are so catchy. Then, we have the new dude, Frederik, the guy has lots of potential and I am impressed by his perormance. His drumming is fast and furious just like Thomen and he'll impress any Blind Guardian fan just like me.

Onto the songs now:

Fly: It is a typical Blind Guardian song that is as catchy and happy as fuck. The song is very very good and makes anyone's head fly with headbanging. The guitar melodies are beautiful and the guitar solo in the middle is very happily glorious. The chorus begins mellow and then it explodes to an amazing typical Blind Guardian song.

Skalds and Shadows (Acoustic version): It is a typical Blind Guardian ballad in the league of The Bard's Song (In The Forest) and A Past And Future Secret. The medieval style music that is very catchy just like the other Guardian's classic ballads. The use of different instruments like keyboards and flutes does give a beautiful atmosphere throughout the song. It's short but sweet.

In A Gadda Da Vida (Iron Butterfly cover): It is a very good cover, however, I haven't heard the original version by Iron Butterfly, but it's good. It begins like a Western style music then it explodes to great Power Metal song. Hust wait for the middle part, Andre unleashes his power with an amazing guitar solo.

All in all, I'm very impressed and I have a feeling that I'm not going to get disappointed with their new release. Yup, this CD single deserves this grade. Blind Guardian had never disappointed me throughout their great career. The new 2 songs by them got me convinced that I am in for an amazing album. Can't fucking wait.

Blind Guardian is still my all time favrotie band. Period.