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Not really... - 60%

MetalAbu, November 28th, 2006

I read a lot of articles in different magazines about the new Blind Guardian single “Fly”. They all said that this is another masterpiece from the German Progressive/Power Metal heroes. I’m a big fan of Blind Guardian but this single is a disaster in comparison with all the other releases.

Obviously the single has a high quality production and a powerful sound. Although this is obviously for Blind Guardian, I have to mention it, because these are (almost) the only positive aspects of the single.

The opening song “Fly” has good Speed and very amazing drumming, but the singing of Hansi Kürsch and the sound of the guitars are extremly weird. Some parts of the song are really good. But than the very unorganized song structures break them up so that it doesn’t seem like one song, more than a medley of indescriminating motley songs. So that’s why you can listen to the song how often you want and it wouldn’t sound better.

The third part on this single, “In A Gadda Da Vida”, is not as good as we all know it from Blind Guardian. The riffing sounds a bit like Metallica on their 90s albums (Load, Reload,...) and Hansi’s voice has not the power and the feeling like in their own songs. (this is a cover from the band Iron Butterfly)
It also has a flair from a happy summertime pop song in the radio. The only highlights are the solo in the midpart and the precision of their new drummer. Nice experiment, but it would have been better not to record this.

The rescue of this single is the second track “Skalds and Shadows”. This is, simply said, a typically Blind Guardian ballad. It has a great atmosphere and Hansi’s voice is just brilliant! It has everything to get another sing along hymn like “The Bard’s Song”. This is truly Blind Guardian and shows why we love their music. Very calm but with much of mysterious power!
The candidate gets 100 points for this!

Final resume: Track one and track three are gaffe, but “Skalds and Shadows” is on top of all and makes you forget the two “mistakes”