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More questions than answers... - 90%

Ion, March 8th, 2006

The long awaited Blind Guardian single is finally here.
And so, as a one of many BG fans I acquired it to hear what will be going on when they release the full length album. Will they choose the way of Night At the Opera, or go back to earlier albums like Imaginations from the Other Side, or Somewhere Far Beyond?
After hearing this single for about 5 times I still don't have one and only opinion on new Blind Guardian work. I would not mention here leaving of Thomen, as on the "Fly" there are not enough tracks to fully hear is it really a great loss. So far - new drummer does his work and does it very good.

So what about "Fly" itself? At first hearing it's... weird. Very weird.

I've listened to the title track for the first time I thought to myself "what the hell is that crappy intro?" FOrtunately as the song went on It gets better and better. However, I'd rather see that one on some Demons & Wizards album, as the guitars sometimes sound similar to those known from D&W and also Hansi sings in the D&W manner. At least at times. Apart from that I found those additional effects like snares and so on a bit annoying. Especially in the chorus part ("No one ever dares to speak(...)") when they sound a bit out of place. But as usual the lyrics are very good and "Fly" has some very catchy parts. And, after hearing that one I was convinced that their new album will go rather into A Night at the Opera direction.
Overally - a good Blind Guardian piece, although a bit bending into D&W style.

Then we have acoustic version of Skalds and Shadows. (So I can suppose that if that's an acoustic version we may expect another arrangement of that track on the full album...?) Here will be not much to say. A typical Blind Guardian ballad and that should be the best recomenndation. But anyway :) Very much like Bard's Song (in the forest). Although not as good as their ballad masterpiece it is still very pleasant to hear. Very medieval feeling and a large variety of instruments gives it great atmosphere. You can really feel like sitting around the fire in the deep forest.

And finally an Iron Butterfly "I-a-gadda-da-vida" cover. I must say that it's not quite worth recomennding. Average to say the least. I haven't heard the original, but after that cover - I somehow don't even want to. Simply - that song doesn't appeal to me, and as it's a cover anyway - it won't tell much about BG's new album.

To conclude - a long awaited single, brings more questions and is not a complete answer to "what will be the new album like?"
So far it is a good blend of "old" BG, ANatO style and some D&W feeling. Strange mixture. And yet very fascinating. It makes me want to hear their new album even more than before...