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It's about Peter Pan, not an insect - 95%

Biedrik, November 26th, 2008

So, there's three songs on this single. Fly, Skalds and Shadows, and a cover of the Iron Butterfly song In A Gadda Da Vida. Each of these is very solid, and it was a great introduction to the continuously progressing Blind Guardian sound.

Fly is the best example of this evolution of the Blind Guardian sound. It's certainly got traits of their 90s style, but there's something different. It's a bit more progressive. And the drums are a bit weird here because of some of more unusual parts of the drumset that are (if my suspicions are correct) made of wood. And this is good, because it seperates it from the rest of the metal world, and keeps it from being "just another Blind Guardian song." The next song however, is a lot like their older stuff. Specifically, the The Bards Song. And I actually like this song more than the Bard Song. The vocals are far better, and what sparse drumming there is, is used well. The cymbals come in at just the right moment to add that epic feeling. And despite the clear similarities to The Bards Song, this manages to be unique enough that it fits in with newer Blind Guardian material, making it work well with Fly. And finally, we have the cover of In A Gadda Da Vidda. A cool song, and far heavier than anything on this album. It adds a fun and bombastic ending to this single.