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It's now or never, we shall stand together - 93%

extremesymphony, March 4th, 2011

This is their 9th album and the guardians have yet to release something mediocre. Yes folks, At The Edge Of Time is a gripping, solid and powerful release which contains all the standard Guardian cards with great balance between aggression and melody. In this record Blind Guardian merge their epic and more symphonic approach of Nightfall In Middle Earth with their earlier speed metal approach and yeah as expected they pull it off wonderfully.

As usual the performances of all the members on this album are solid. Needless to say the star of the show is once again Hansie. The vocals are just breathtaking and you are just left with wonder and awe at this man's vocal ability. The guitar work is again fantastic. This album contains many fast and heavy songs, so we find the riffwork being quite splendid here. The lead work is even more competent and I might add nothing short of being flawless. Special mention must be given to drummer Frederik Ehmke whose superb performance behind the kit ensures that we do not miss Thomen Stauch. The arrangement of orchestra is just fantastic. The orchestra gives the album the required edge and adds an wholesome feel to it and does not quite go on to become a film score as happens in many cases.

The songwriting and composition on this album is of an extremely high caliber. As usual the songs are quite proggish and the pace changes in them are just superb. The choruses of all the songs once again are amazing. And it makes me wonder as these guys have released 8 albums ranging from practically flawless to being enjoyable and yet the songwriting and the composition in the album sounds quite original. You won't find any recycled melodies, choruses, song structures. The lasting power of this album is also quite high. Since I have it, I have listened to it more than 10 times and yet it amazes me in the same way as it did when I heard it the first.

The album starts with the nine minute, Sacred Worlds which I might add is an excellently crafted epic. The use of orchestra gives much wholesome feel to it. The song goes through many pace changes. The part around 3:30 to 4:50 is just superb. The next song Tanelorn (Into The Void) is pure speed metal in the vein of Somewhere Far Beyond. Hansie pulls of some really amazing screams in this song. Road Of No Release and Valkyries are mid-paced and more complex songs. The pace changes are again superb and keep you glued throughout the length of the song. A Voice In The Dark and Ride Into Obsession are again more faster songs much in the vein of Tanelorn though not as quite great. Curse My Name and War Of The Thrones are the ballads similar to A Past And Future Secret. The ballads are arranged excellently and have an excellent, bombastic power in them. The final song Wheel Of Time is just flawless epic and I might not hesitate to add, one of the best songs composed by Blind Guardian ever. The orchestra in this song at many times overpowers even the guitars, but the intensity in the song is just amazing. The song according to me is based on "the breaking of the world" episode from the famous Wheel Of Time series. There is an interlude somewhere around the five minute mark, which is again superb.

So should you buy this album? Well, after reading all this, if still this question arises, you may please go and quietly die in a corner. If you like this band's catalog from Battalions Of Fear to A Twist In The Myth, do yourself a favor and lay your hands on this masterpiece.