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Pretty entertaining - 75%

Lennert, July 12th, 2007

I didn't know the band was going to release this EP (at least, I call it an EP because it has 5 songs, which is a little to much for a single), until I saw it in the shops. Another Stranger Me is my favorite of their latest album. It's not epic like And Then There Was Silence or heavy like Welcome To Dying, but has a really great hard rocking vibe with some interesting lyrics concerning schizophrenia. Combined with the great video I think it's one of the most interesting songs the band has released in a long time.

What makes the EP worth buying for the fans is the bonustrack All The Kings Horses, which is a nice melancholic song and has an atmosphere I can hardly compare to any other songs they ever releases. I think Harvest Of Sorrow comes in mind, but still All The Kings Horses is a lot better than that song. Dream A Little Dream Of Me is a funny track, like Barbara Ann or Mr. Sandman, while Lionheart and The Edge are demo versions. 'Interesting' is the right word for these two songs, since they aren't as good as the versions on the album itself and sound more house than metal. Still, interesting enough to listen it once or twice, but I stick to the first 3 songs.

This EP is a nice buy for the fans and may be interesting enough for casual metalheads, but I wouldn't call it an essential 'must-have'.