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Awesome, for a single. - 86%

The_Philosopher, August 2nd, 2003

And Then There Was Silence is an epic song, at 14.07. The song starts with this triumphant keyboard/power chord intro. The drum fills on this track are pretty damn good. Hansi's voice is top notch. There is a thrash break around 1.30. So many time changes in this song. It really does not get boring. At 2.45 it totally changes pace, with just a keyboard and Hansi's voice. There is some mid-paced thrash riffing in this song at some points. The chorus is a sing-along. A 'you NEED to put your fist in the air', power metal chorus. Gotta love it. At 7.40 there is another break, with a cool vocal melody. Then back into the chorus. The section at 12.10 is excellent. Hansi really has a beautiful voice.

Harvest of Sorrow is a ballad, and a very good one at that. The acoustic work is nice, and it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Our maybe that's just my heartburn? Anyway...the vocal melody is once again excellent. This is not bang your head METAL, but it's a nice change. The chorus is triumphant and moving. Above average song writing. Guardian played this song live when I saw them, and it managed to be even more moving then.

The final track is the music video for Born in a Mourning Hall. It's basically just a live clip, with Hansi wearing a Charlotte Hornets t-shirt...yeah, I don't understand that one either. It's a decent video for a great song.