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Surprisingly Good - 78%

beardovdoom, November 24th, 2013

Bleeding Through are a peculiar band and difficult to categorise. They've always said they were a hardcore band that just expanded their sound. But there's black metal, death metal and thrash in here, yet this isn't typical metalcore or deathcore or whatever. I quite like the previous album although it does get quite samey towards the end. This album is more diverse, better produced and more commercial. It should be a disaster yet somehow it isn't. I've even found myself liking this album more now than when it came out, despite my tastes moving further away from the genres associated with this band.

This isn't the most sophisticated music ever nor does it pretend to be. This is angry, tough guy hardcore mixed with various elements of metal. The difference between this and other hardcore influenced records is you actually feel like there's a lot of honesty in Brandan's lyrics, even if they aren't the most eloquent words committed to tape. The first track starts with 'I don't give a fuck' which puts me off somewhat and makes me want to ignore the lyrics but further into the album it does improve. He isn't a poet by any means but at least he sounds genuinely pissed off and not just faking it like a lot of bands.

Musically you've got crunchy riffs, fast drums, black metal inspired keyboards, no audible bass and a fairly wide range of vocals to top it off. Brandan sings a lot more on this album than any other and his voice isn't bad. Definitely feels like the record label wanted to push this mainstream though. There's even a ballad, the surprisingly decent 'Line in the Sand'. 'Love in Slow Motion' and 'Kill to Believe' sound very similar but are decent tracks so i don't mind. The rest of the album follows a similar pattern of aggressive verses followed by melodic choruses. 'Tragedy of Empty Streets' has an ominous keyboard part that i really enjoy and is one of the more frantic tracks.

This isn't mind blowingly good but is certainly better than most metalcore and destroys that awful bunch of imitators Winds of Plague. If you like metalcore and want something with a bit more variety and a unique sound, i'd recommend this as their most accessible album. The album that follows (Declaration) blows this away though.

Recommended tracks: Kill to Believe, Line in the Sand, Tragedy of Empty Streets, Return to Sender