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Strong Deathcore at it's best - 80%

ThrashingMetal, October 2nd, 2006

This album is one of most pounding Deathcore records I've ever heard. It really can wear you down, but it's usually more uplifting because it talks about relationships and heartbreak, so you know you're not the only one. This album is slightly less influenced by Death Metal then "This Is Love This Is Murderous", however it is still a great album by one of metalcores elite.

The lyrical themes on here are just your average hearbroken rants, done in a skilled way that let you feel like their original and talking specifically to you. There is some profanity and Slipknot-like metaphorical violence, so parents might not like it, but all in all it's not bad for something in the deathcore genre. The production is the typical re-use and repeat beat like most metalcore, and can get a tad bit painful after awhile. Still, the much more melodic feel helps you feel more comfortable. Where the last was very extreme and guttural, this album is agressive, but not afraid to shred into clean-sung passages.

This album won't make you a fan of the sub-genre known as deathcore, but if you like agressive music about relationships gone sour, this is the one for you. Hopefully my review will be of some help to aid in your search for new albums/aritists.