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Something seriously worth looking into - 90%

HCrew, December 16th, 2007

This album is one of the best I have heard recently, I picked it up, didn't know exactly what I had in my hands, After one listen I was hooked. The music from the very start makes you want to listen to the whole thing to see where it goes, the musical style used is very aggressive and can really make you understand what the song is really about. The music also helps you understand the dark, brutal lyrics used.

The lyrics on this album are also very aggressive and full of pain, and suffering, and makes you wonder what kind of things inspired lyrics like these. I found these lyrics to be very creative but also very basic I found, which is a good combination to have in songs, It lets listeners of all ages understand them. I was easily able to relate to the lyrics on this album and was very very impressed with them.

The song titles, They may only be a small portion of the album but they can also get you in the mood for the music your about to hear, they allow you to see inside the song before you hear it and understand what the music is all about. I found the song titles themselves to be very creative and well worded.

The vocals used are extremely brutal and rough, this album has some incredible vocal work, able to get you into the songs that much more. I was very pleased with the vocals, and very it's very refreshing to hear vocals that are able to get me into the song as much as the music instead of just the music getting me into the song.

The sound quality is very impressive I found, pure clean sound, sounds very professional. I'm very pleased with this album and recommend it to anyone who is or isn't a fan of the metalcore genre, It is seriously a very good investment, and well worth the money.