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Original in a way... - 68%

SeanC, July 9th, 2009

This demo provides a good place to start for Bleak Solitude. It is almost 16 minutes of pure bleakness and simplicity. The simplicity is far beyond bands like Burzum, and there is not even a bass to be heard. It alternates between 2 different drumming, and 2 different guitar riffs. The vocals are bleak and largely incomprehensible, except for when the vocalist growls "end your fucking life". The production is average for this genre, with it having that basement sound yet still being very audible. There is a new sort of atmosphere here, one that is bleak yet over-the-top simple. And after 16 minutes of it your head is sure to be spinning. Unfortunately, there is not much to be said here, except that I only recommend this to hardcore fans of depressive black metal, such as myself, as this may be highly annoying to some people. It is original in a way I haven't really heard before, but I have heard similar demos such as this labeled as trash, and while I have heard "trash", this certainly does not fit the bill. It is original because it is extremely simple, and even almost though provoking.