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A beautiful album to die for - 95%

Sharkuel, July 16th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2003, CD, Prophecy Productions (Digipak)

This is a warning, if you are used to Blazing Eternity with growls, like I was, this isn't the album for you. This is a different kind of beast. Why such warning, you may ask? Simple. This isn't a doom metal album. But a depressive rock one. Shocker, isn't it? But wait.

This is the first physical copy that I got from them. I knew what they were about and when I found this album on sale, I had to buy it (actually, it was my brother who purchased, I was only 16 at the time), and I didn't expect this. I simply adore this album, and it is a shame they didn't follow up this route and are now on hold. (at least, at the time this review was written). They did okay doom metal, they didn't bring nothing new to the mix, aside from the melancholy and sadness that is constantly present in their atmosphere. I like sad music, and they deliver in that regard.

But "A World to Drown In" is a different kind of heavy. Not heavy on the vocals. Not heavy on the instruments, but it's sheer weight manifests in the shape of pure melancholy and sadness. A very, very emotional album. And this is why I love it so much.

If you are familiar with Grey Waters, or the more rocky tunes of Grom, you will feel at home here. The atmosphere is similar, but less grey and more shiny, like a sunset that shines strong over the horizon. They completely abandoned any kind of growling vocals, and embraced clean ones that are more emotive, and at the same time, apathetic. When I listen to Peter Mesnickow sing, it reminds me of a person who has accepted that life is not worth living for, and that he is just waiting for the right time to go off. The "Stars of July" song is the culmination of such feelings of giving up, just stop caring, and acknowledge the pain as part of themselves. The occasional participation of female vocals just makes that point even more noticeable. This song in particular can both be interpreted as a relationship ending, or a couple that is fed up with life and decide to take their lives in a romantic way. Quite poetic, if I say so myself.

Another thing that I love in this album is the instrumentals themselves. The band sometimes can achieve some heavy riffs, and sections that may announced some kind of sound explosion may occur, but instead of relying on dB's to make a point, they overwhelm the listener with emotional sections. Is it a flute playing a sad tune, or an acoustic guitar that goes along the distorted guitars, all take part to paint an melancholic painting that is bathed with an intense sunset. I am constantly comparing this album to a sunset because it is so emotional abstract that makes oil on canvas by Rembrandt pop constantly in my head,

This album has the right pacing. If you enjoy some depressive rock like the next guy, then this is one great album. If you like their previous work, but got spooked over the clean vocals, I should insist you give this one a listen as well. If this isn't simply your cup of tea, check their past work, they make good doom metal. and have an characteristic atmosphere to them.