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What might have been... - 80%

Jimmy Calhoun, December 22nd, 2013

If you're not up on your obscure Eastern European black metal bands, you may not be aware of the tragic tour bus crash that took the life of BoP's bassist (and seriously injured their frontman) not long ago. I must confess to not being too well versed in Polish BM myself - even the relatively "known" bands like Graveland or Mgla - but this little 7-inch right here is quite the bite-sized treat for fans of the genre. As you may have surmised already, the B-side is a Dissection cover (a rather good one) and the A-side's title track is likewise an example of melodic yet aggressive BM. Moving from an acoustic intro, to all-out tremolo-and-blasting, to slower, eerier sections reminiscent of 'De Mysteriis'-era Mayhem, it's a piece which certainly deserves repeat listens to parse out its structure.

Like any extreme metal fan worth their salt, I am at least passingly familiar with Sweden's own Dissection - not to mention Jon N.'s act(s) of brutality and eventual suicide - and interestingly, this is the second cover of "Night's Blood" I've come across in 2013 (the other courtesy of USDM band Saprogenic). But whereas Saprogenic (at least stylistically) render the song nearly unrecognizable, this one is relatively faithful to the original. Aside from maybe taking some of the death metal crunch out of the guitars, and ever-so-slightly slowing down the tempo, the difference is noticeable but not tremendous.

In short, both sides of this record do BoP's influences (and themselves) proud, the only major downside being the absence of more songs. And since this, sadly, appears to be their swansong for now, all it makes me want to do - aside from cursing the universe's unfairness - is hunt down the band's back catalog.

Dissection tribute...? - 75%

dismember_marcin, February 21st, 2013

“Necrosophist”, which is a new release from Polish black metal masters Blaze of Perdition, was yet another must to have piece of black wax, as I really liked both full length albums, which this band has spawned. They immediately joined Furia, Kriegsmaschine and Mgła to my favourite Polish black metal bands and surely it will be damn difficult for someone to move them from the throne. Anyway, this new 7”EP consists of two songs – one of which is a new track and another is Dissection cover. And “Night’s Blood”, originally from “Storm of the Light’s Bane”, has been performed here in truly excellent way and I dare to say that some of you may think this is a new, never unheard before version of this track, so well and carefully played it was. Blaze of Perdition didn’t toy with any changes and rearrangements and just played this track as it originally was and I like it a lot. But it was the new track from them, which I was more curious about. Cover is just an addition to it…

Blaze of Perdition used to have Watain and other Swedish religious black metal bands written all over their faces in almost every review they got. Now, after they released “Necrosophist” that may change into Dissection hehe. Clearly the opening theme for the title song from this EP has been influenced by Dissection and I really mean it, as every time I hear it I have such a strong resemblance, sort of déjà-vu feeling, to “When Dead Angels Lie” that it is a bit annoying almost… But fuck that, I still really like that theme; it truly is infectiously catchy and well played. Besides, for the rest of the song Blaze of Perdition walks slightly different paths; maybe it’s something between Dissection, Necrophobic, Sacramentum, Unanimated – so, the old, cult Swedish melodic black / death metal scene - and that damn Watain also, but everything played in more personal way, which is good of corpse. Even if I’m still trying to decide whether I like “Necrosophist” more than the two previous albums from the band, there’s no denying that this track is really, really good… different to the previous recordings, but good. I definitely like the vocals a lot, as they’re so diverse and sometimes just sick, but other time they’re screamed in clearer, epic way, which is damn good. From the other hand I feel like sometimes the band tried to put too much into this song and as so that finishing, over lengthy guitar solo is completely useless and I would rather just hear the plain riff, as the solo annoys me a bit. Other than that, the song is vicious, mostly damn fast and aggressive as hell, with many variations… Yeah, it is good song, definitely, stylistically different to their previous works, but it is up to you if you like it more or not. Personally I cannot decide… I do like this EP a lot, it is a great addition to my collection, but I’ll need to hear more music, as “Necrosophist” alone is not able to convince me 666%.