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i'm a grown-up i don't need this - 36%

Noktorn, June 29th, 2010

Wonder Twin powers activate! Form of: boring black metal band!

Seriously, guys, do we need more of this? Perdition plays an unusually boring style of Swedish black metal despite being from Poland which offers absolutely nothing to anyone who has heard more than ten black metal albums previous to this. The bulk of the music is made up of contrasting 'blast with tremolo riff, then blast with same tremolo riff played one fret higher' passages and 'play slow with dissonant arpeggios' passages, just as you would expect from a crappy Marduk album, while simultaneously bringing nothing to the table of their own. I'm amazed the people in this band can tie their shoes in the morning.

The production is adequately clear and powerful and the playing is perfectly fine but there's a total lack of style or songwriting talent. Every riff is a clone of another, better riff from the Marduk catalog, there's even the stereotypical 'slow and evil' song in the form of 'Incantated Self-Destruction', which unsurprisingly sounds like one of the faster tracks, just with a lot less enthusiasm. The only minor point of curiosity would be vocalist Ashgan's Vaderesque delivery, but that does nothing to make the music any more tolerable or interesting.

This just sucks, skip it. Even in the field of boring Swedecore black metal there's better shit than this.