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How to make a perfect compilation - 98%

kluseba, June 9th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2013, 2CD, Blaze Bayley Recordings

With the release of the compilation Soundtracks of My Life, Blaze Bayley celebrates his thirty years as a heavy metal singer. This record consists of two discs, contains a total of thirty songs and almost two and a half hours of music. We get to hear songs from Blaze Bayley's first professional band called Wolfsbane in form of "Tough As Steel", we get an acoustic version of the Iron Maiden epic "The Clansman", some rare b-sides like the powerful "The Day I Fell to Earth'', a wonderful collaboration with Sinnergod in form of the gloomy gothic rock epic "Wonderful Life" and even two completely new tracks in form of the tight "Hatred" and the weird ''Eating Children" that has a rather unusual structure and intriguing lyrics.

This release really offers value for money. Instead of including numerous cover songs of the Iron Maiden years, Blaze Bayley focuses mostly on his solo career which is the right decision because it includes extremely strong material. A definite highlight is the dreamy power ballad "Stare at the Sun" which might be Blaze Bayley's best song ever. If the melancholic "Soundtrack to My Life" doesn't touch your heart and soul, you're either deaf or dead. And if you're not banging your head to "Ghost in the Machine", "Kill and Destroy" and "Voices from the Past", heavy metal is simply not your kind of music. Several songs have been remastered and sound much better than the original versions. A lot of fans criticized the production of Blaze Bayley's previous studio effort The King of Metal and that's why this compilation includes revamped versions of ''The King of Metal" and "Rainbow Fades to Black". These new versions sound much improved and do these two great tracks justice. Aside of the music, Blaze Bayley offers a very detailed booklet with personal anecdotes and comments for every song in addition to lyrics and pictures.

This compilation is as great as it gets and it's obvious that Blaze Bayley invested a lot of money, passion and time into this product. Every heavy metal fan should purchase this release and show Blaze Bayley the attention and respect he deserves, no matter if you are a faithful fan, occasional fan or not even a fan yet. As I mentioned earlier, if you call yourself a heavy metal fan, this release should be in your collection.