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Good album, the exclusive stuff's a nice extra - 91%

John, April 22nd, 2003


I only heard of them through Iron Maiden so I took the first album of the shelf.

This one.

The intro, Forgotten future, is more of an intro to Kill and Destroy than an intro to the album, so the two tracks could be put into one, which could also be said with tracks 7&8.

Anyway, kill and destroy is a kick-ass song with some power in, which is common for the first few songs in the album. nice intro riff, plus it maintains the power and aggression of the beginning to the end. Nice

And on to End Dream.
A bit slower than K&D, this song does pick up though, but the beginning is a bit of a wind-up, and it picks up just a little bit.

Tenth Dimension has a nice drum intro, and it's pretty damn fast., till the choruses, where it sorta pick-beat miss-beat basis. Bass and drum on the first bit of vox, but then a nice bit of guitar.

you need a nice bit of guitar.
Escpecially if it's fast and loud.
And played well.

Nothing Will Stop Me's intro sounds like it could fit onto some John Wayne film, then it goes and tears that idea up into pieces, thanks to the drums.

The Drums are always why my parents complain.

Say you've got a guitar intro which is a bit slow. "ahh, that's nice".
Drums come in. "What the hell is that noise".
Drums are SUPPOSED to be noisy, otherwise they wouldn't have those clangy bang bits on them.

Anyway, I think this song is probably the weakest on the album.

Leap Of Faith is a fast paced blitz (3mins38 to be precise).
Constant drum pace and Blaze's Vox also have a bit of Speed behind them.

The Truth Revealed and Meant to be.
I decided to put these together as they are the literally intro and outro, as they gel perfectly together.

Truth Revealed is a nice, slow song. Great for the zero-hours listening.
Part of the guitar playing is reminiscent of Hendrix, has the sound. Won't comment any further.

Meant to Be. Well, the above applies, as well as the fact this is 6 times longer than TTR, but due to mastering, it doesn't sound very good on its own.
There's nice bits with strings and some (female?) chanting-ish singing.
A very reflective song.
You can hear the bass quite easily, for all you bassophiliacs.
The strings and stuff feature more towards the end, but not after a coool riff.

Land of The Blind.
Good, with a constant woawwawawawoaw type guitar at the beginning (you can forget that if you don't understand the woaw thing. It's not too important).
Quite low key but not as low as Lame Biscuit, who don't know anything higher than the bass string and abuse it.

Stealing Time follows the same vein as LotB, as it is a bit low-key, but it has some high-ish pitch guitar in it.
Not much more to say, besides SOMEONE decided to make part of Blaze's vocals sound like one of those American-radio-played-through-TV-as-well sound, if you get what I mean.
I like it.

Speed Of Light is my favourite song on this album.
It goes that fast.

Stranger to the Light has got a bit of post-pissed sound at the beginning, which dissapates into a slow-moving song.
Well, That's it for the parts that are on the 'Other' version of Tenth Dimension.


The Live tracks, although great songs, are not totally convincing that they didn't just use crowd sampling. Then again, from different songs from setlists all over the place, there's not much you can show, but they can take a lesson from Maiden when it comes to sounding live.

Favourite of them is probably Futureal or Living Someone Else's Life.

I haven't been able to listen to the MP3's, but I think that they appear in Silicon Messiah and the EPK video doesn't work.

That Leaves me with the Ghost in the Machine video, which I haven't watched fully.

It's a nice bunch of extras to include to an already great album.
Well, the live songs could also pass off as studio ones so it's as if they recorded 5 extra songs for you. How considerate.

Maybve not a classic, but definately one of the best albums for a recently formed metal band to come up with. (not 'metal')

I'm also amazed at the fact that there's no swearing on this album, which shows that these people have AN IQ unlike Limp Bizkit have, even if they are actually rap music some pillock decide to label them as metal.
Enough of the bitch, BLAZE are an underrated band.