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Nasty, Brutal Crossover - 69%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, November 29th, 2008

Hailing from Louisiana, Blatant Frustration is a crossover band. They released just this small and almost unknown demo during their short career and since it’s free to download, I had the possibility to describe a bit their music and give them a help in sense of notoriety. By the way, with my review surely they won’t be superstars now, but they deserved at least a mention on this site and what’s better than a review for this purpose?

This is a five song demo in which the angry and the intensity reign uncontrollable, as the genre requires. “Fading Away” welcomes us through lots of up tempo parts in pure, savage and uncompromised punk/hardcore with some more mid-paced moments in which the thrash metal riffs are more present and a bit less impulsive. The vocals are excessive in scream but they are also, for this reason, truly angry, ferocious and scary. It’s like a way between the grindcore screams and the black shrieks!

“Retreat” is more of the same hardcore/punk assault with almost blast beats on the drums and the always schizophrenic vocals. “Passion and Guilt” is more thrash metal oriented thanks to those mid-paced parts in which the riffs are more on palm muting instead of the bestial punk attack. The vocals don’t change and, in general, the structures of these songs are quite simple, direct and forget about technique. Yes, it’s passionate and sincere but don’t enter if you are searching for technique. Well, already the genre doesn’t require a lot of it.

“Forewarned” is crossover mayhem with all the instruments at the speed of light but as always we can find more mid-paced, hyper short sections in which they calm down a bit. The doom beginning of the last “The Plan” is quite a surprise even if, after a minute, hell’s unleashed again through relentless up tempo parts. The general production, as you can imagine, is not strong and there are a bit low volumes, but it’s enjoyable. Blatant Frustration didn’t change the genre and they didn’t invent anything, but this demo is not bad. However, they are ferocious!