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More like Blasturbation Masters - 25%

Shadow0fDeath, October 10th, 2004

Blastmasters is yet another shitty, weak, grind//death band to come along in this modern day and age. As their name states, they overuse blastbeats to a point where it gets annoying halfway through each song. I mean the drummer hardly fucking stops the damn blasturbation as one could call it. I don't mind blastbeats but they overused the liberty of them hear and instead seem to enjoy pounding an endless headache.

The guitars are great though. Fast, brutal, and well playing. It could be much better, but it doesn't necessarily need to be technical this time around. It's very fitting, and one of the whole aspects of listening to this demo that made it worthwile. A couple decent solos. Nothing mindblowing though.

The vocalist annoyed me to. It was just random shouting. Nothing creative or new in terms of death metal or grindcore. Not even an attempt at burpring vocals which typically aren't that bad in the music as long as the vocalist does it right, but in this case it's just random shouting that is irrelevent and does not support the musical ideals behind this release whatsoever.

Give it a good listen for the guitars. Otherwise chuck this one out the window. It's essentially worthless to metal and lacks all attempts at trying something new or to be more than mediocre like most modern day "br00thuhl" death metal as you could call it.