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Blastmasters indeed. - 73%

Reaper, October 10th, 2004

I think someone mislabeled the genre. This is as far away from grind as I have ever heard. I would even hesitate to consider this Brutal Death Metal. This is straight up Death Metal with A LOT of blast beats. The blast beats are actually not as bad I, stereotypically, assumed they would be. The reason for this is that they’re not the dominating factor in the sound, but more of background noise added for melody. The blast beats are very well executed and I can’t complain about them. If they’re not using a drum machine, I am very impressed, as the drums are very fast.

The vocals are more of a shouted raspy style, but aren’t too distorted so that you can make out the lyrics from time to time. The atmosphere set by the vocals coincides with the blast beats almost perfectly. The solos within this demo are definitely a well-welcomed addition. Without the guitar solos this album would be pretty boring and repetitive, very good thinking on their part.

The demo begins with a guitar solo ranging from being distorted to high-pitched guitar shrieks and powerful blast beats. For the most part this is Brutal Death Metal with occasional solos and departures from the same melody. This definitely impresses a guy like me, who has a strong dislike towards BDM. I think the reason that this impressed me so much is due to the absent of monotonous vocals and melodies. This album definitely has something worth listening to.

The second song is more chaotic and a bit more monotonous. It also focuses more on the vocals and blast beats than the guitars, although the guitars can be heard. The vocals in this song are more raspy and forced than the previous style of shouted and raspy. Deviations such as these definitely are appreciated and are a factor in the demo’s replayability. The last track is a mix of the first two. It has rough vocals and several guitar solos. It’s chaotic and it’s not too boring, that’s a win in my book.

Most of the songs sound similar but all of them offer a brutal assault of blast beats and some excellent guitar playing from time to time. I expected some shitty second-rate Death/Grind band, but what I got was definitely worth the download. It definitely impressed me. Download this; it’s free off of their site.