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Blasting Through the Old School Thrash Ranks - 85%

bayern, August 14th, 2018

Blasting with all the passion and vigour these folks can muster, these five youthful (at the time) old school thrash enthusiasts from Sao Paolo who exuded quite a bit of brutality on their seismic debut, a raging slab of prime thrashing, nearly blasting at times indeed, insanity openly bordering on both hardcore and proto-death, a non-stop violent assault on the senses not heard since the time of “Reign in Blood”, “Darkness Decends”, and “Shark Attack”…

The content of the album reviewed here is nicely described by its title, and although the songs are a bit longer than the ones on the debut, the uncompromising attitude is sustained all over the guys moshing on full-throttle with bullets like “Freedom Lies Dead” and the title-track flying around the intense spatout hardcore-ish vocals ala Kurt Brecht (D.R.I.) admirably following the musical intensity all the way. There’s also other possession on display here, outside the one by speed and violence I mean, like “Possessed by Beer” shows but don’t expect this cut to offer anything too different from pure neck-spraining mosh, the only mellower deviation arriving in the middle of “Collective Suicide”, a great balladic lead-driven etude that would make even Queensryche and Scorpions proud. “Radiation Death” easily reaches death metal intensity, but this is pretty much the purpose of the exercise here with “Thrash or Die” summing it up nicely at the end, both music and title-wise.

An impressive dedication to speed and violence which is still executed with a fair amount of proficiency the guys bashing their instruments with the requisite skills without turning their repertoire into one brutal, incomprehensive melee. The good production qualities also help with the accumulation of barely bearable intensity at times, but the fans will be entertained all over especially those who fondly remember the 80’s when the mentioned albums as well as other similar relentless headbangers, Cryptic Slaughter’s mythical debut to give another notable example, were violating the planet unceremoniously, submitting everyone to their pristinely aggressive charm.

It’s a pity that the band members have chosen to distract themselves with other retro thrash outfits (Anthares, Ataque, Flagelador, Kremate, etc.) in recent years, reducing the activity in this camp to sporadically released splits. More violent classic thrashing fun for the eager, both young and old, fanbase would be more than welcome whenever the guys feel up to it.