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Classic among classics - 100%

Esteroth666, June 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2015, 12" vinyl, Nuclear War Now! Productions (Wholesale white vinyl)

I can't find the exact words to express how I feel about this album and Blasphemy as a whole. The Canadian scene is home to many bestial black death/war metal bands such as Conqueror, Revenge, Necroholocaust, Antichrist, and the list goes on. The scene provides classics such as War.Cult.Supremacy, Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist, and many others that have made an impact and influenced countless of bands around the world in many ways but I feel like Fallen Angel of Doom paved the way to a whole different style where even to this day it doesn't matter how many bands are playing war metal and whom they're trying to sound like, it all falls back to this classic.

Of course this album isn't completely perfect at all but the flaws are minor. The production is dull and muddy but in my opinion this is what underground metal is supposed to sound like; I just wish the guitar riffs weren't drowned out by the drums. The riffs aren't complex but rather repetitive and simple; Almost every single track is played with the same riffs pattern. I think the most outstanding song of them all is "Goddess of Perversity" but only because of its intro riff. Don't get me wrong though, every single track in this album is as intense and extreme as it can get. The drums are like a death machine mercilessly pummeling the listener's soul out of their body. I guess that's the feeling they got when they first listened to this specially after spending a minute and twenty seconds listening to the intro. The atmosphere of this album can be very spooky to first-time listeners specially when getting into black metal specially when the vocals sounds like a corpse coming back from the grave vomiting speeches of war and the end of all mankind.

Not for the faint of heart and I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get into the underground and wants to go down the right path. The reason I gave it a 100% despite its flaws is because this album has become somewhat meaningful to me as well as some of the people I hang out with and despite having listened to it more than a thousand times the adrenaline still rushes through my veins just like the first time I gave it a listen.