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When blasting goes wrong, Mondays on FOX - 27%

ThrashingMad, November 11th, 2007

When I first listened to this album I thought that it was pretty awesome, so naturally I continued to listen to it, but after the first listen something odd began to happen. I realized upon giving it another listen that I did not enjoy it as much as I did the first time, it was still good but not nearly as good as my first impression would have suggested. After this I listened to it three more times over the course of two days, and the album got progressively worse with every listen. By the end it was so bad that I couldn't even make it all the way through the album, this is particularly bad considering the album is under 30 minutes long. Now with that said this album isn't completely terrible, it does have some slightly redeeming qualities. The only problem is that the good qualities get completely crushed by the bad qualities, and that's not a figure of speech, the bad parts of this album literally smother the good ones.

So there are a lot of reasons why this sucks, and they all revolve around the drums. The drums are completely awful and they throw the whole album off track. The drum work consists almost entirely blast beats. It is hard to find one point in this album where the drums aren't constantly blasting away. Now a lot of black metal bands use a whole shitload of blast beats but at least they mix it up from time to time, unlike these guys who apparently have never heard of the concept of variation, or heard about it one time but promptly dismissed it within a few minutes. As one can imagine this gets very annoying as the album goes on. Not only is the drumming completely worthless it is way too high in the mix, and it drowns out (or crushes) the otherwise good guitar riffs.

The other really big problem with this album is that all the songs sound relatively the same. The drumming always sounds almost exactly the same. There is never a really excellent passage of a song that catches the listener’s ear. The guitar riffs are really the only element of the songs that noticeably change from song to song, but they're so fucking hard to hear because of the bad production. All this comes together and make this one boring, same-sounding, wreck of an album.

So this album does contain a few good qualities. Ignoring the fact that they are pretty hard to make out the guitar riffs are very good. They are sloppy black metal riffs with a well defined thrash element in them. They're usually quite simple but they work well. Nothing bad can be said about the vocals either. They are a little deeper than typical black metal vocals, and they sound good. The Blasphemy cover at the end is played very well, but all it really does is remind you how much better a band Blasphemy is than these guys.

This album should serve as an example of how not to use blast beats. Every aspiring black metal musician should own a copy of this; simply to remind themselves that blast beats can work for you but when overused they can just as easily work against you. It really is too bad that the drumming is so bad because the riff work shows some real potential.