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Black Witchery - Upheaval of Satanic Might - 98%

SatanicTerrorizer, September 26th, 2006

US black metalers Black Witchery identify themselves with a self-conscious musical aesthetic that defines itself by simple speed and brutality. On their second full-length blasphemous crash fest this Florida trio set out with a (seemingly) conscious effort to outdo most, or more preferably all, other black metal bands similarly vying for titles as the most brutal or most raw. Those two credos sum up this release well- raw and brutal.

Embracing the formula that espouses extremism as a goal rather than a means or natural consequence, Black Witchery employ the proven practice of breaking down structures and progressions into fast, grinding, minimalist riffs under a waterfall of blastbeats. Cyclic grinding quasi-melodies live out their short durations through any number of repetitions, rhythmically offsetting themselves against one another to provide some sense of movement in the brief 1-3 minute lightning-bolt grind fests that make up this record. Production? Audible, but appropriately muddy and distorted (of course).

If this record aims to be regarded as particularly fast and raw among its black metal peers, it certainly achieves that. A blazing 26-minute maelstrom of ripping sludge riffs and tirelessly pounding blastbeats awaits the brave listener who tests these waters. Whether or not this band has anything to say artistically is another matter entirely; this record shows nothing that hasn't already been done and ends up saying little in the grand scheme of things. Still, for those who appreciate extremity as a self-justifying concept, this record will undoubtedly please. Divine spiritual revelation? Nope, but some berserk metal will do just fine.

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