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The Final Album for Humanity - 92%

Meatbreak, July 6th, 2006

Understand that one day, the impossible will occur. Understand that if all things are possible, then all things must be inevitable. If you believe the most horrific things that could have happened, have occurred before or during your critically insignificant life, then you have never heard a band as unfathomably ferocious as Black Witchery.

It could come to pass, that an album titled ‘Upheaval of Satanic Might,’ could seize the imaginations of not just hundreds but Billions of people. Whether this was their choice is wholly and uncompromisingly irrelevant. As the result of a fraction of a blind second, one weak moment of helpless suggestibility, entire days enslaved in the soporific waltz of self gratification, a darkness will descend upon mankind and it will be rent asunder at the hysterical mass realization of the potential of aeons of futile humans stretching towards nothing, scratching around the blasted dusts, milk-eyed and mute.

This is the legacy of Black Witchery.

The air vibrated around me carrying on it an unearthly lowing, terrifying in a very physical way that rendered me inert, suppliant to the relentless pounding of Drums (Vaz), not individually discernable beats, but a violently mashed a battery assault, unforgiving yet horrifyingly human. The ripping buzz-saw Guitars (Tregenda) shear away at your ears, chewing into the depths of your skull, probing, raking the insides raw, holding it dead still, prone sacrifice to the cruel predatory maw of the Bass - a yawning void of shifting souls, moaning their wretched guts into the depths of a dense,swirling abyss, driven sadistically by the same unholy beast that shrieks layers of ungodly blasphemations, incantations and tortured guttural invocations. This is Impurath, hound to Satan’s leash and the unyielding force of nature behind this wall of noise.

For a force of nature this album truly is. Spellbinding, leaving you in raptures. That there is a tangibly human element to ‘Upheaval of Satanic Might’ is the most disturbing aspect. Once you are able to discern the nagging cyclical riffs, hypnotic sub-bass-lines and what little dispensation to rhythm there is in the drums, from the sheets and sheets of distortion, omnipresent vibration and stabbing screeches, the awful truth becomes apparent. There is a cold, calculating method to this madness that grooves and rocks its way into your body, entrances it and makes it want to shake. When a song is named ‘Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance’ and delivers - everything it has straight into your face – on a level of physical musical communication that remains as a hook in your head pulling at it, scouring the memory of it deeper into you as it plays out it’s short cursed 2.35 lifespan, you begin to question and reject the meagre limitations of the rest of your beloved ‘music’. The same music you are pleading to for salvation from the horrific onslaught you are half willingly, half powerlessly, subjecting yourself to.

If you’re looking for musical coordinates to make a clearer picture, forget it. They haven’t drilled that deep into the Earth to bring back those kinds of wretched sounds, despite the rumors. Except that is, for this one 30 minute holocaust. This is not simply Black Metal, nor Industrial Noise, I imply that this is much more than the sum of its parts, and they amount to something much bigger than You, I, and probably Black Witchery can hope to comprehend or command.