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Thrashy enough to be somewhat enjoyable... - 64%

Antikrist, February 5th, 2005

This is something you download or rip from a friend, not something you go out and buy. Unlike your average BR00TAL black metal band, Black Witchery do us the favor of producing their music well enough that it's audible, unlike their buddies Conqueror, while retaining the typical "raw" sound to it. The riffs have the average black metal spirit to them, basically everything a half step flat of what it would normally be. However, the good part about it is that they often incorporate some good old-fashioned thrash style into it, somewhat a la Deathcrush-era Mayhem. You'll find yourself headbanging or playing air drums through a good portion of this one, and they keep up a consistent, speedy pace with typical repetitive blasting through most of it. It's no Darkness Descends but if you enjoy thrash you'll get a kick out of the riffs. Vocals are nothing special, nothing awful. Just average. The lyrics are incredibly stupid but fashioned so that they look smart. Oooohhh. I'm a badass! I want to kill every human being on the planet (start with yourselves...let me know how the rest works out)! I worship Satan (which is even more stupid than being religious)! They just talk about that stuff with a Morbid Angel-ripoff style of writing with big words and some very rudimentary imagery. Wow. What innovators.

Basically enough thrash and aggression in it to keep me amused for a while, but unless you're into collecting rare stuff or find it at a very cheap price, don't bother spending money on this one.