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Two times modern black metal - 65%

oneyoudontknow, August 28th, 2008

Black Winter

The reason why the song from «Black Winter» is so neat has to do with its slight industrial touch. Through it some additional aggressiveness is added to the music and it makes it pretty enjoyable. It should further be noted that two different kinds of vocals appear on this song; female and male ones. Luckily the female voice, performed by Tristessa of Astarte, is not in vain of the Gothic mistress' style, but some kind of croaking/growling and this works pretty neat with the music. Actually it makes the song pretty good. Beyond this modern black metal is offered, with a good amount of variation; tempo and motives. The riffs are neat and also very catchy. As keyboards do not play a dominant role in «In Cosmic Installation», the guitars add a good deal of heaviness to the music. Pretty good to listen to.


Of the two bands on this release Nethescerial is the one with the more modern sound and with a good deal of keyboard elements. It further shows some resemblance to those used by «Dimmu Borgir» on «Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia», but except for this does the song not offer the typical compositional features of the Norwegian band. Even though the opening might suggest that the similarity between these two bands might affect a good deal of the facets of the Grecian one, the progression of the song shows that the art had not copies one to one; the band from Hellas has its own face after all. There is more aggressiveness in the music and only in times of when the keyboards get dominant (as well as the music slower), the resemblance gets striking. Beyond this is solid symphonic black metal offered with the typical characteristics. The song is well written and quite catchy.

Fans of Covenant (Nor) [Nexus Polaris] and Dimmu Borgir [Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia] might also check this band from Greece out.

Some final bits and bytes

Close to eleven minutes of modern black metal are offered on this 7" split release. You get an impression of both bands but not more. An appetizer.