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Tormenting the motorpenis! - 73%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

Here is a very blasphemic split of 2 very blasphemic bands with a very blasphemic artwork! Despite the fact that Motörpenis claims to exist since 1997, that’s their only second release, after the debut demo form 2007. Despite the MotörHEAD inspired band name – they play kinda Black/Thrash with obvious Destruction influences that can be heard in the riffs, though their vocalist’s rusty voice does remind of Lemmy’s. These songs don’t sound too memorable from the first listen and there’s not much to listen to if you heard the other bands I mentioned so far, but after a few more listens – the 1st song “The Call of Demons” can get stuck in the head for quite long, mostly because of the catchy chorus and the high scream in the end. The second song “Thresherection” is way less memorable, even though not much different in style. 6.5 / 10 for side A-lkoholokaust

Side B-lasphemy features 2 Black Metal assaults with kinda Death Metal-like vocals and intense riffs. Don’t expect European “riffs through the air” here, this stuff is fast and violent indeed, as expected from a bunch of angry Mexicans! I would compare this stuff to Blasphemy, but unfortunately the drums on both “The Rise of Hellish Fire” and “Stabbing Mary’s Womb” are a bit hidden somewhere behind in the mix, thus making the songs sound less destrvktive and violent, but overall – it still sounds pretty well done for a barbaric Black/Death band in this vein. 8 / 10 for Black torment, 7.3/10 for the whole 7”.