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Black Task - Black Task

Goofy thrash - 61%

The_Boss, December 11th, 2008

This goofy little EP from 1985 doesn't stick out too much. There's thousands of thrash EP's most people haven't even heard of, some deserve to be heard of, though rare in existence I find them all around (Ulysses Siren) but most of the time they're rather throwaway. Like with Black Task's self-titled EP, 4 songs barely 10 minutes of sex and violence themed thrash, with an absolutely shitty production that does nothing for the listener. It's far from the worst production, but it's not good at all, highlighting nothing really other than the vocals which seem to stick out. This guy ranges from having a strained yell, almost hardcore at times, to lower pitched Hetfield-ish type singing, quite amusing.

The best part of this is the lead guitar work, telling Kerry and Jeff to shove their guitars up their asses, who the real bosses of chaotic solos are. Random cat-in-the-fan type soloing ensues throughout this EP, with some nice lead guitar work that isn't soloing, but at the same time doesn't differentiate much. The drumming is extremely bland and simple, but keepin the rhtyhm going and allowing the thrash to stay on balance. Although it's hard to notice if someone misses a beat or whatnot, considering it's so DAMN LOW!

The songs aren't anything really special, although Sex and Destruction is fun to yell along to, with a punkish vibe brought in by the vocals. You're thinking, "Hmm, crossover not so bad!" Crossover doesn't have solos like that though! Chaos reigns in the Hirax-short song and a great solo to finish it off. Kill Your Enemies has a nice main riff that is definitely up there for some fun headbanging and a good vocal line actually, definitely the best song on this EP. So don't expect too much on this EP, but Black Task are a decent thrash band, forgotten in time with plenty of others, but if you find this I recommend listening to it, even if the lasting time isn't so high. Nothing too special here, but still a fun listen.