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One of my favourite Sabbath songs. - 80%

Nhorf, November 29th, 2008

“Wicked World” is a song featured on the self-titled debut album of Black Sabbath and it is, at least in my opinion, one of the best songs this english act ever crafted, and that's saying something, because Sabbath released lots of fantastic tunes and masterpieces. “Wicked World” begins with Ward hitting his hi-hat very softly, until the first riff kicks in and oh my God, this is a fantastic riff. Melodic and memorable as hell, proving that Tony Iommi is one of the best guitarists out there, no doubts about it. Geezer's bass was at the time an essential part of Sabbath's sound; later, after the release of Master of Reality, his bass playing became simpler and less crucial to the whole sound of the band, Tony Iommi assuming the main role. Still, on this song he is essential, with some fantastic bass licks, during the intro and middle section of this track.

The progressive nature of Black Sabbath isn't usually aborded by the reviewers of this site, but I, as a lover of progressive music in all its forms, can't help but mention it. Black Sabbath never was a simple band, they've always played strange pieces and adopted a rather complex composition approach. “Wicked World” proves it yet again, with its different sections. The first two minutes of the track are dominated by a fantastic main riff, memorable as hell. Ozzy comes in later, singing some verses and then Tony Iommi stops playing his lines and all that is left his Ward and his hi-hat and Geezer and his bass guitar. Later, Iommi unleashes some very psychedelic guitar lines in the vein of “Planet Caravan”, very calm but still revealing the strong psychedelic influences Sabbath carried during the 70's. After it, we reach the solo section, in which Iommi shreds like a madman, the song later returning to the main riff. A rather strange but still awesome Sabbath track.

The single also contains another tune, the doom metal monster “Iron Man”, which is a song that most of you know well, so I won't take much time describing it. The main riff is lovely and so is the middle section and last part, where another frantic guitar riff kicks in. Concluding, a nice single containing two of the best songs of this english act. If you're new to the band and can't afford buying a LP, buy this piece and you'll get a relatively accurate impression of Sabbath's sound.

Best Moments of the CD:
-the solo part of “Wicked World”.