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The Beginner's Sabbath - 75%

AxelTheRed, December 8th, 2007

I picked up this album when I was fourteen after first hearing "Iron Man", "War Pigs" and "Paranoid". Of course being the idiot fourteen-year old that I was, I didn't know exactly where a good place to start was in Black Sabbath's discography, nor did I have any idea that sites like Encyclopaedia Metallum even existed. Hence my eventual purchase of "We Sold Our Soul for Rock N' Roll".

This is a good place to start if, like I was, you have absolutely zero knowledge of Black Sabbath and you want a good sampler of their best material. This collection is the best place to start.

Although it was released after their first six albums were out, most of the material here is from their first four. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and "Sabotage" have only one song apiece here, which is ridiculous. There is no "A National Acrobat". No "Sabra Cadabra'. No "Symptom of the Universe"...and so on and so forth.

Not to say the selections they did choose aren't good, but half the goddamn album was lifted from "Black Sabbath" and "Paranoid"...these songs may be classics, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking those two are the only essential Black Sabbath albums. They did add a few songs from "Master of Reality" and "Volume 4". And unfortunately only "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and "Am I Going Insane" (a song that, while good, is not quite on the level the omitted "Symptom of the Universe" is on) from their fifth and sixth albums.

I listened to this album for two years before wanting more Sabbath and rushing out and buying their first six albums, which is always going to be the best choice, but if you think you need a Black Sabbath album in your collection, but aren't a huge fan...look no further than "We Sold Our Soul for Rock N' Roll".