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Black Sabbath as hair metal? - 50%

BlackFuneral666, October 28th, 2006

After the exit of Ozzy, many fans dismissed Sabbath. Which is ridiculous to count them out that fast, Dio joined and they churned out two good albums with Heaven & Hell, and The Mob Rules. Then came the great and very underrated Born Again with Ian Gillian of Deep Purple fame. Then Sabbath dropped out of site for awhile, to return with this....

While not the worst album Sabbath ever did (that honor falls on one of the many bad Tony Martin albums), the title given above pretty much says it. Black Sabbath does Whitesnake is basically how this feels. While it isn't completely horrible album, the music is pretty decent, bluesy type 80's power metal, it's still mediocre and alot of the songs on here sound like filler. Glenn Hughes is a nice medium between Dio and Gillian's vocals, although on "In For The Kill" the chorus vocals are pretty funny, and I just can't picture him doing any Ozzy songs live. On the whole, it fits much better as an Iommi solo album, the bare bones are there, but the song writing seems a little rushed, and like not much effort was put into it, but it is a fun listen. It's not the best Sabbath their is, but it's decent, and the last Sabbath album I'd suggest buying, but remember think more along the lines of Whitesnake musically with different vocals. Standout tracks are: In For The Kill, Turn To Stone, Seventh Star, In Memory. The rest are decent though.