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More bludgeoning heavyness - 85%

Estigia666, May 29th, 2003

They released this one on, 73? For it's time is quite an extraordinary album. Hell, for any time. Any metalhead should know and hear this album as it stands as one of the genre's most overlooked gems (not as much as Sabotage, but that's another review).

This full-lenght follows the tradition of lethal-as-fuck riffs that Black Sabbath was famous for, not to mention the display of musicianship of every member (Tommy Iommi was mostly recognized as a rhythm guitar player, but people don't acknowledge his soloing very much. Some of his lead guitar work deserve praises). The best song (IMO), "A National Acrobat", combines some crushing riffing giving a shitload of heavyness and finishes with some fast guitar runs that are no less remarkable. Ozzy gives a great performance. The title track is good, not as good as "A National Acrobat", but it pleases, nonetheless, and i like it very much. "Fluff" is a nice and "romantic" acoustic interlude that opens it's way to the rocking "Sabbra Caddabra". A good song, but it doesn't crush your head until the middle part where they include a piano to counterpoint the crushing riff below it (when reviewing a Sabbath album, i'm always gonna refer to the heavy riffs as "crushing", because that's the best description for them. And my english is kinda limited, unfortunately :P). "Spiral Architect" is a nice experiment with an orchestra. It sounds both glorius and emotional, and is a nice variation on all the bludgeoning heavyness of the previous songs. Don't expect any softness here, though, you will find some great riffs here, too. "Killing Yourself to Live" and "Looking for Today" are good also, but not that great, so i'm not gonna write about them. Buy the fucking album and hear these for yourself.

Oh and, BTW, "Who are you?" is awful. A crappy experiment with sinthesizers, plus the songwriting is pretty bad. There, you have been warned.