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Finally! - 100%

Xeper, March 19th, 2003

This is the only live Black Sabbath album you need. It's the only official live release with the original Osbourne/Iommi/Butler/Ward lineup, because this is actually the first American release of the previously UK-only live album 'Live At Last', plus a bonus disc of other live material culled from the same era up through (just a shot in the dark) the Sabotage tour I guess, since the latest material on here is from Sabotage (and man does it rock-"Megalomania" is awesome to hear live). This is the often-sought Live At Last with an extra disc basically of quality material from the same era, sold generally for the same price as a normal single CD (around here, anyway). Get the first 6 Sabbath albums and this one, and you're set.