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Sabbath at its best. - 97%

Rat_Salad666, June 15th, 2003

This is one of the best live albums that I’ve heard. This album has the and best live material Sabbath has ever put out. The 17 minuet wicked world that encompasses bits and pieces of other later Sabbath tracks is just stellar. Other high points of this album are the 1975 recordings of “sabotage” material. Personally I much prefer the first disc to the second despite the live sabotage material.
Iommi’s solos are incredible on this album and hearing a young Ozzy belt the most classic of Sabbath tracks is a thing to be heard.
The iron man, behind the wall of sleep and black sabbath recordings are unimpressive due to the lack of sound quality but still pretty good.
One thing I would have liked to see included in this album is the drum solo on “rat salad” that was absent on the “Hand of doom/rat salad” track.
Overall this album is amazing and I suggest it over the “reunion tour” album if you are looking for live Sabbath material.
Truly Sabbath at their best.