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Rat Salad Tastes Good! - 100%

Slasher666, August 31st, 2011

I have never heard a extremely good heavy metal album until I clapped eyes on Black Sabbath's "Paranoid", one of the most legendary heavy metal releases ever made. Honestly, this is a work of pure art, an album that has inspired many other artitsts to do the same, but unable to replicate. It has some really good production and recording quality, some of the best and most legendary musicians to date and the quality of the music is just unbelieveable! Listening to this, even now, brings the 70s metal scene back to life.

There are some songs that are just plain amazing and heavy (ie. War Pigs, Paranoid, Iron Man) and then there are other songs that are so soft and trippy (ie. Planet Caravan, Electric Funeral, Fairies Wear Boots). Words can't describe how great and legendary this album truly is. There are so many words to describe it, so many names, but really all you can say is amazing. Ozzy's vocals and the guitar playing of Iommi are the best parts of the entire piece because they both play along together wonderfully. Bill Ward's drumming and the bass playing by Geezer Butler are also truly mind blowing. Because of their skill level and for the fact they've created an extraordinary album such as this, we can all proudly call them the great grandfathers of heavy metal.

When I said the word "trippy" earlier in this review, I meant it. When I listened to "Planet Caravan" after headbanging to "War Pigs" and "Paranoid", everything went mellow and calm. Ozzy's vocals chiming into the sound of bongos and Geezer's soft bass riffs playing in the background made everything relaxing and easy to listen to. After "Caravan" ended, the intensity just bounced in when "Iron Man", "Electric Funeral" and "Hand of Doom" came blasting through my speakers. It's a great transition from loud to calm to loud again.

When songs like "War Pigs" started playing, it amps up your mind and energy, you feel obligated to bang that head no matter what the circumstance, you feel the true power of heavy metal with this release. You won't hear speed metal riffs from bands like Megadeth or Metallica, you won't hear open string tremolo picking from Dying Fetus or Cerebral Bore and you definitely won't hear death vocals on this album either. However, because of this band, they made all of those musical techniques and styles made possible, without this album it's safe to say that metal would never have occurred. If it had happened without Sabbath to take the reigns, metal would sound and be named differently. This album is basically like reading a history book, it's like reading about our neanderthal ancestors, however it's music related, instead of primitive men we have Sabbath. Just like when primates evolve and change into human beings, Sabbath creates metal and the genre evolves into different branches.

There are absolutely no flaws with this piece at all, let's keep it that way. Everything is a solid gold pentagram in my books. Some may not share the same views as me or my other metal brothers and sisters, but then again if they don't then they're not ready to accept the fact that this band brought the genre we love to our world. We have Sabbath to thank for creating such powerful and raw music fit for any metal head young or old, we hope they have a reuinion soon.