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Simply one of the finest records ever. - 94%

Goldblaze, September 26th, 2011

Sometimes, words can't describe something you really like. Like, if something is really good, and there is a strong personal factor to it, it's really something that will make that thing really special. And actually, there is nothing more to be said about this album that hasn't already been said. I have known almost every single song from this album my entire life. My father would play this record numerous times when I was a kid, so it grew up on me, and even now, when my personal taste has been almost fully developed, and stretches to way heavier music, this is still a classic, and never will stop being one.

Where to begin? How about those beautiful guitar licks from the beginning of War Pigs? Or those grandiose lyrics which also makes this song not only a transcendental musical masterpiece, but also the best anti-war song ever? Yeah, Ozzy's vocals may be pretty crappy (let's admit it, he was never a good singer and never will be, but his vocals are a trademark and have lots of spirit), but he manages to deliver the goods. Besides, can you imagine anyone else singing Paranoid or Iron Man? I mean, there are some live versions with Dio, a better singer by a thousandfold, but I never listen to it because this is the way these songs are supposed to sound, and this is the only true Sabbath.

Now, let's talk about the songs. There are 8 songs on here, and not a single one short of a masterpiece. The aforementioned War Pigs is simply breathtaking, from that immortal riff to Ozzy wailing while cursing politicians and generals that use ordinary small people as cannon fodder while they wait at their tents in security for that same people to win their wars. Of course, let's not forget that freaking Geezer's distorted bass, or Bill's insane tom rolls. The title track is a well known song to almost anyone who has anything to do with rock and metal music. Yes, it's overplayed. Yes, it fucking rules. Planet Caravan sounds as if it's been recorded by a bunch of high cannabis users. Oh wait, it IS recorded by a bunch of high cannabis users! This is so charming and calming, and I like it. Iron Man starts with all too familiar 4 bass drum hits before bursting into one of the most instantly recognizable riffs in all of metal. Seriously, whoever doesn't know that one has been officially living under a fucking rock. It's another epic masterpiece, this time about an abandoned war veteran whom everyone rejects. And don't forget that robot that goes: 'I AM IRON MAN!'. Electric Funeral is a very groovy track, and Hand Of Doom is a slow and droning track with an epic riff, lead by bass during quiet parts and by guitar during loud parts with lyrics about how drugs destroy your body and spirit. Rat Salad is actually some kind of an interlude leading into Fairies Wear Boots. Now this one is a real winner, riff-wise and vocally. Oh, and it's about hallucinations (guess because of what).

The production is also another highlight. I mean, this was apparently recorded in 1970, and since I am a big fan of old hard rock music, I can say that no one had production this guitar-accented. I mean, Zeppelin were a pretty heavy band for its time, so were Purple and Uriah Heep, but this is really something different. Maybe this is where you draw the line between hard rock and heavy metal. But still, no matter how you classify it, you do need this album. It's an essential piece of music no matter how you look at it. Heavy metal fans need apply. Hard rock fans need apply. General good music fans need apply. Enough said.

Favorite tracks: War Pigs, Iron Man, Hand Of Doom.

Favorite moments: Start of the first verse of War Pigs, Paranoid solo, the part when Iron Man speeds up, chorus of the closing track.