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Very good...but not great! - 82%

Snxke, July 3rd, 2004

This little live record managed to capture Black Sabbath at their peak with then-new vocalist Ronnie James Dio. Coming off of two highly successful albums it looked as if Black Sabbath were ready to release the live record of a lifetime. The legends are abound with the drama over mixing this record that caused the band to split with this line-up and at this point nobody really cares. The end result is a slightly sound-challenged (mix could have been a bit better) but well performed document of the highly successful "Mob Rules" tour.

The best songs on the record are the blistering "Neon Nights", the dominating "N.I.B." and a scarring take on "Mob Rules". The rest is all very good as well, with these tracks standing out above the overall mix. The only complaint is a silly spoken section in the middle of the otherwise brilliant "Voodoo" and the exclusion of such strong Dio-era tracks like "Die Young". These can all be seen as middling complaints though. as the band had done more than enough to make this record a classic addition to the already stacked Sabbath catalog.

I suggest that any fans of metal purchase this and NOW. If you want to hear what perfect proto-doom metal with a summoning vocalist sounds like you NEED to own this. This is quite possibly a better record in playing and feel than the Ozzy fronted "Reunion" record. I've owned it for nearly six years...and I've NEVER stopped spinning it.