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Stupid piece of crap - 60%

OlympicSharpshooter, August 26th, 2004

Now, other than the sweet cover (We Sold Our Soul responds with the freaky pic of the woman in the glass coffin and the none-more-black cover), this is a redundant weakling, a weazing little sister to the more famous and deservedly revered predecessor in this compilations game.

So, seeing as it's 1977 and the band has released two more records, one of which was incredibly uhhh... incredible (Sabotage), and the record before that (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) receieved virtually no attention last time, what do you as a compilation marker do on this blandly named Greatest Hits comp? Well, obviously not what seems pretty fucking obvious to me.

Instead, boredom. You've heard these songs before, and you've heard them inside of much better packages. Also, why in the hell is "Laguna Sunrise" on here, again? You get an abbreviated version of a catalogue abbreviation, and considering how rare this probably is, also a more expensive one.

Avoid this piece of crap.

Stand-Outs: Meh.