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Makes a great Sabbath beer coaster - 17%

cronosmantas, March 12th, 2006

I heard this album was bad but I believed it couldn't be as bad as its reputation. I first of all love vocals of Tony Martin. His vocals are magnificent on the albums Headless Cross and TYR and those albums quickly became some of my favorite Sabbath releases. Hell after hearing those albums, he quickly became one of my all time favorite vocalists. After finally purchasing and listening to Forbidden numerous times...I have to admit it is poor. Not just poor...down right terrible.

The first thing wrong with this album is the ultra shitty production. It's muddy and all the instruments are poorly mixed. Also, not aided by the crap production, is Martin's vocal performance as it is sub par. He a fantastic singer on the Sabbath albums of the past but here he just sucks it up. There is no high rang singing here, just love level garbage that borderlines on whispering in some cases. I can't believe this is the same singer.

So the first problem is the production, the second is Martin's vocal performance, and the third is just plain and simple shitty songs. I listened to this album straight through three times and nothing stayed in my memory. The album as a whole is just that unmemorable! It than sat on my shelf for about a year and then I popped it out to give it another try. Nope...still the same crap. I struggled very hard to find something positive to say about this release and all I could come up with is that Shaking Off the Chains can be somewhat stomachable and so is the power ballad I Won't Cry for You. These songs are actually poor themselves but they are the highpoints of the album. Illusion of Power is bad song (with additional vocals by Ice-T!?!) but it can work its way into your head. The rest is just boring garbage from a band that has become a shadow of their former selves.

Oh, and Tony Iommi. You remember him right? The great guitarist that is the master of writing simple but memorable riffs? Yeah, well he plays on here but it doesn't seem like him. The guitar playing could have been done by a amateur Sabbath die hard as opposed to the once-God like Iommi. Oh and memorable riffs? What memorable riffs? Sorry...not here.

It's been about 12 years since Forbidden and Sabbath hasn't recorded another studio album since. This is fine because after releasing a monstrosity like this, Sabbath deserved to die. It's an embarrassment to the Black Sabbath name and an insult to fans. This is hands down Sabbath's worst release. People who think Technical Ecstasy, Never Say Die, or Born Again are Sabbath's worst release just plain and simple have never heard Forbidden. It's actually unusually for me to dislike an album so much as I am pretty forgiving....but not with this release.

If I dislike this album so much...why am I keeping it?'s Sabbath and it is a filler in my collection. I am thinking about purchasing another copy and plopping the CD down on coffee table right next to my Metallica St. Anger CD. Forbidden would make another great addition to my beer coaster collection. Hey, I don't want beer stains on my coffee table!!!