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A Few New Things Out of Sabbath Here - 80%

PowerProg_Adam, February 17th, 2003

First of all, I wonder why the band was still called Black Sabbath at this era, Iommi was the only original left in the band. Most oldschool Sabbath fans will probably find this album disappointing, but it showcases a few things that Black Sabbath isn't know for such as virtuosic drumming and extremely technical guitar work. Cozy Powell shows something that bands of this stature rarely use and that is double-bass. Compared to other Tony Martin Sabbath albums, this is not the best, but still IMO better than anything that they ever realeased with Ozzy. Shaking Off the Chains is probably one of the most powerful songs on this album, followed up closely by I Won't Cry For You. Guilty as Hell is also a rather good song, with yet another first for Sabbath, the use of the word f*ck. I never really thought Sabbath would sink to using profanity or simplistic choruses like on Forbidden, but I guess they were looking for a new edge. This album is very different from albums with Martin, it sounds like a second rate version of Dehumanizer, but IMO that is not necessarily a bad thing, since Dehumanizer ended up being some of Sabbath's finest work.