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Persue with Caution. - 60%

Fred E Coyote, May 23rd, 2015
Written based on this version: 1990, CD, I.R.S. Records

Feels Good to Me, also known as "that shit song from Tyr" is what we have before us here. There's not much one can say about the title track, especially which has not been already said by those other reviews here, its a shit song and doesn't fit the Sabbath canon or feel like a real Black Sabbath song in any way. If this was a one-track CD Single then I'd say don't even go near it with a barge pole.

But it isn't. On the B-Side are a couple of live tracks, namely "Paranoid" and (If you own the 12" or CD Single,) "Heaven and Hell". Now Paranoid is superbly performed, utterly wonderful, one of my favourite renditions of the song, including an evolution on the guitar solo and a few unusual quirks in the guitar parts which Iommi added in to keep things interesting. Tony Martin's singing is also top notch. As per tradition, it reprises into Heaven and Hell. Overall, this song is brilliant and document's Tony Martin's live performance with Black Sabbath. If only the same could be said for Heaven and Hell...

Once again, the whole band are on form, superb work by all the members of the band. It's at the production where I have a problem. As I am sure you know, Heaven and Hell has a part where it slows down through Iommi's first guitar solo, after which Tony introduces the band to the crowd (earning much respect for member Geoff Nicholls, top marks sir). Now, once this is done, the song gets to the part were it speeds back up to the "you say that life's a carrousel" bit, and they set it up excellently with it dropping off, and Tony (Martin) shouting "Listen!" wherein you expect to hear Mr Cozy Powell start smacking the shit out of his snare drum. But no, what do that do? Cut directly to "Paranoid", missing out best part of the song. This wouldn't be as bad if I didn't know that the ending of the song was actually fucking recorded, you can find it (and the whole concert) on YouTube (just look up Black Sabbath Live in Russia 1989 and have a field day). So in short, Heaven and Hell is mostly just the first verse, then a jam, and that's about it. It's not like, I dunno, you can't fit another three or four minuets on a fucking CD single!

But all in all, its probably worth getting if you adore Tony Martin's tenure with the band or are a completionist, we don't have any other official Tony Martin recordings that I know of, other than Cross Purposes Live which doesn't feature the excellent Iommi/Martin/Powell/Murray lineup and is as rare as finding someone who likes the title track to this single...